Our Teams

Morstar New Energys an ISO9001 certified leading manufacturer of Lighting and Electrical Accessories for more than 12 years. We´ve grown to include three manufacturing facilities in China along with our headquarters, warehousing and quality assurance laboratory, totaling 215,000 square feet. There are over 300 employees and 32 professional engineers. We work to maintain and ensure long-term, positive business relations. The attitude toward service and quality has helped us grow steadily, while servicing customers around the world.

Our Teams

Sales and Customer Service Team

We don’t just sell products. Our sales and customer service team work closely with our R & D, procurement, production and quality control departments to assure our customers receive the very best service. Customer care is a very important segment of the "value-added" that Morstar brings to the table and we feel it’s a major reason for our success. Whether you're requesting a quick quote, a rush shipment, or help with a product design, we'll be there for you.

Research and Development (R&D) Team

Our R&D team is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and design of new and existing products. The R&D team practices and ensures tightly structured controls on material quality, component characteristics, product performance, and defect prevention. In addition, the R&D team places special emphasis on the development and implementation of new products and technological advancements. As a client, you can be confident in knowing that each and every day, it is Morstar’s goal to achieve higher standards and obtain technological leadership in an extremely competitive market.

Procurement Team

Our technically experienced professional material management team manages the vast network of worldwide suppliers. They relentlessly source for competitively priced high-quality materials and components from valued suppliers and ensure constant material supplies at the right time to facilitate the timely delivery of products per customer requested date. We are dedicated to provide our customers a competitive edge in the business.

Production Team

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians with years of manufacturing know-how guides every product through the manufacturing process attending to all the necessary details. We are committed to delivering the best quality products to our customers.

Quality Control Team

Our quality engineers are relentless in upholding our quality values while conforming to the product specifications dictated by our customers. We have established a series of stringent quality management regulations from procurement to manufacturing, packaging and shipping, by our professional quality assurance team.