LED Cabinet Light
Perfect lighting distribution, no spot dot inside the lamp when lighting.
DIY link- Quick connection system between light bars.
With various installation methods.
With unique design, the lamp can be easily to change the illuminated direction to 0°, 45°, or 180°.
Standard length: 150MM, 300MM, 600MM, 900MM, 1000MM, 1200MM, and customized length is also available.

Wattage: 3W/5W/9W/14W/15W/17W
Voltage: DC24V/12V
Color Temperature: 2700K-6000K
Color Rendering Index: 82/92Ra
Power Factor: >0.9
Lifespan: 40,000 hours
The modular cabinet light is perfect for installing in cabinet, showcase and furniture. It is especially applied to hidden/ covert installation. With special optical system, this kind of light indeed becomes a continuous well-proportioned linear light source.

Item Numbers:
MA-HCA3-H15        3W        200lm
MA-HCA5-H30        5W        330lm
MA-HCA9-H60        9W        620lm
MA-HCA14-H90       14W       950lm
MA-HCA15-H100      15W       1000lm
MA-HCA17-H120      17W       1150lm